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Leadership Coaching & Consulting

Kathy Laurnen, CPCC, is the founder and principal of The Wisdom Shift. With her 20+ years of experience as a business leader in the healthcare industry, she helps leaders and their teams define their goals and values, then develop a plan and commit to creating that vision. The outcome results in successfully improving your clients' experience with your organization as well as creating your ideal work culture​.

Great strides continue to be made in the world of neuroscience. It is now known that at any age, we can create new  neuropathways, or new ways of thinking and being, to help us live more fulfilling lives. Kathy's approach incorporates the use of neuroscience to enhance your own ability to change.

Kathy's Story

I entered the healthcare field as a Registered Nurse over 25 years ago. In the beginning of my career, I loved  taking care of patients. As I grew in experience and saw a need I thought I could fill well,I moved on to management and leadership positions, most recently as the Executive Director of Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice in Evergreen, Colorado, where I am lucky enough to call home.

Choosing the name The Wisdom Shift for my business was the best way for me to describe my style of coaching and consulting. You come to me with your wide and varied experiences as well as your own internal wisdom. When we work together, I help you tap into that wisdom in order to make the shifts you need in the areas that are not working for you.

My experience in the workplace provided great insight for me regarding what people want most and what holds them back. As the leader of an organization, I experienced firsthand what it was like when our leadership team was in flow, and the positive impact this had on our culture. I learned that creating a culture where people are recognized and rewarded for their hard work passes on to the people you serve. From there, anything is possible. From this premise, we grew a $2.4mil organization to over $4mil in six years. Believing in your people and your work is the most powerful approach you can offer your organization. Through my experience and my certification through the Coach Training Institute, I have learned remarkable tools and techniques that help bring about this success. CTI is affiliated with the Harvard Business School and is considered the Gold Standard of coaching.

Leadership Coach
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