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Leadership Coaching & Consulting

When we partner together in an open and willing coaching relationship, you can reasonably expect to reap these benefits:


•    See yourself more clearly. This sounds simple, but is actually very important. Research has shown that most of us don't see ourselves very clearly and that it matters: accurate self-awareness is highly correlated with effectiveness.

•    See others more clearly. Often people run into problems because of their inaccurate assessments of those around them. Through our work together, by seeing yourself more  clearly, you can become more accurate in your assessment of others, and build stronger relationships.

•    Learn new ways to respond by learning new skills to shift your mindset.

•    Leverage your existing strengths. You see and leverage strengths that you already have but that you may be underestimating.

•    Achieve what you want. You will get clearer about your goals and dreams, and about what you're capable of doing in order to achieve them. I will serve as a  powerfully useful support system on your journey: someone who knows you very well and wants the best for you — but is a neutral third party. I will be honest with you about how you're doing, reminding you of what you've said you want to achieve and letting you know what you're doing that's supporting your intentions — or getting in your way. Finally, and most importantly, I can teach you new ways of thinking and operating, new skills that will allow you to better reach your goals and create the career you want.

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