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We are pioneers in this time of change. We are living longer and healthier lives with more knowledge and resources than any other women in history. We are leaving behind our younger years, and with them our careers in work or in the home. We may be living in family, alone, or with others. We have had many joys and as many sorrows, and yet choose to be positive in our outlook in the present and for the future. The Sacbe Way™ program is a proven process designed to help individuals move successfully through life’s significant changes. Using a group model insures that members have a circle of support on their Journey of Change.

You are invited to join a small group of 6-8 women to take this journey over 6 months with me as your Guide. During each time together we take a Trek that explores aspects of The Sacbe Way™ to give us the understanding and resources we need for this time in our lives. We will also be creating a circle of caring individuals whom we will come to trust and can rely on going forward in life.

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Six 4-hour monthly Treks beginning the 3rd Tuesday in May. All sessions run from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

May 16
June 20
July 18

August 15

September 19

October 17



Tuscany Tavern Meeting Room
32214 Ellingwood Trail #110, Evergreen

How Much?

$1500 per person for all sessions and materials. 
Registration and payment due by May 1, 2017, either the full amount or $500. If you choose the 3-payment option, the additional $500 payments will be due June 1 and July 1, 2017.

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Make partial payment for The Sacbe Way ($500)

Make full payment for The Sacbe Way ($1,500)

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